My goal for your session, is to create images that capture you and your family perfectly. I want to show casual, lifestyle photos if you're more casual. I want to show nice, classic poses if you're more classic. Or if you're like my family, we fall somewhere in between. I want people to see an image from your session and say, ''That image captures your family perfectly.'' To do this, I want to know more about you and your family! If you have a favorite location, lets talk about it! If your child has a favorite toy(s), lets talk about ideas to incorporate those. These details are key to planning a fun, personalized session for you and your family.

I want to capture the memories you're living right now. All those little moments that seem so routine, will become a special memory someday. Lets work together to create images that will be proudly displayed and show off that family of yours!

{Need inspiration for outfit choices? I'm here to help! Go to: and check out my board. Or let me know and we can chat about what color pallet would work well for you!}
What type of session fits your family most?
Portrait Session: Our goal would be to capture your family with different posed photos. I will guide different candid poses to add variety and capture everyone's personalities.

Lifestyle Session: We will pick an activity (playing at the park, baseball, football, creating art, etc) for your family so that we can focus on mostly candids. I do throw in a couple posed photos but our goal is to have fun and just follow the lead of the kids. I guide poses slightly, but mostly sit back and watch for moments to capture. We embrace the fun, crazy and natural part of every day life. These sessions are best outdoors so we have room to move and play, but when indoors is needed we will discuss different options.
When you have outfits picked out, please send me a quick picture of them. I love seeing the outfits ahead of time! If you plan on bringing any special props, please be sure to send me pictures of those too. The more I can plan for your session, the smoother it will go!

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out! I can't wait to capture these memories!

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